Incendiary blues and electric harper, atmospheric music that makes you want to dance.

Alex Soloviev is the first and most famous electroharmonist in Russia. Founder and leader of the "High School" group. Alex is a charismatic musician with a very strong energy, he can replace a whole musical group alone. Over the past ten years it has won international recognition. He performed with great success in America, Europe and Indonesia.

An ingenious improviser, vocalist, plays in almost all musical directions, from hip-hop (hip-harp) to blues, funk, reggae, jazz. In terms of the strength of the impact, it is comparable to Vladimir Vysotsky or the Prince. Solovyov's concert repertoire includes works of authorship, improvisations and famous compositions of the most popular performers.

Alex Soloviev successfully performs at numerous international music festivals and famous stages, spent time with world stars of jazz and blues: Jacob Collier, Nye Palm (Hiatus Kaiyote), Avishai Cohen, Chris "Daddy" Dave, Robert Glasper, Mad Morganfield, Paul Lamb and many others.

In 2014 he became a finalist of the Emporio Music Fest vocal competition, performed at the 48th, 49th, 50th and 52nd Montreux Jazz Festivals.



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Harmonica masters around the world have applauded Alex Soloviev's unique sound. Here are what some of them have had to say about his music:

Mitch Kashmar, харпер, LA

«You've got a powerful tongue blocking, it's so groovy!»

Paul Lamb, харпер, GB

«I checked out your music, man, it's so cool, can feel the Big Walter's influence, your harp sounds lot like him sometimes»


«Hi Alex, I'm happy you do my song, I like the video, All the best from Arkansas USA my friend in the blues RJ»

Tom Ball

«Nice job, — good luck with your playing!»

Avishai Cohen

«You're plaing is great!»

Quincy Jones

«Alex Soloviev is among my all time favorite harmonica players.»

Nai Palm, «Hiatus Kaioyte»

«Wow, cool!»

Charlie Musselwhite

«Sounds good. I'm glad you playing my song. Thanks and keep having fun.»

Jason Ricci

«These are very interesting records so far, much more artsy than I expected! Sounds great Alex... Your playing is amazing. Keep rockin'!»


Festivals Alex Soloviev has participated in

  • 2014-2018

    48th, 49th, 50th, 52th Montreux Jazz Festival

    One of the most famous jazz festivals in the world held each July in Switzerland

  • 2015

    Art ovrag

    Russia´s first art festival that changes the life of a whole city

  • 2014

    Emporio Music Festival

    International singing contest for alternative music by Baigali Serkebaev

  • 2011-2012

    Tsvetnoi Boulevard Festival

    Moscow´s annual city festival with a lot of concerts which is held in september

  • 2011


    Moscow´s international annual harmonica festival

  • 2011

    Pustie Holmi Festival

    Annual Open-Air-Festival

  • 2008

    Kupala na Radschajke

    Annual open and free festival for traditional and improvisatory music

  • 2008

    Delta Blues

    Blues Festival

  • 2008


    Music-Festival held in the Nikola-Lenivec-Art park

  • 2006-2016


    Moscow harpfest

  • start


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